Biology Notes 01/10


  • Plasma (liquid part of the blood)
  • red and white cells are carried in plasma
  • Plasma is mostly water
  • Plasma carries nutrients suck as Glucose, amino acids and mineral lons, also hormones and Carbon Dioxide.

Red Blood Cells

  • are made in the Bone Marrow
  • They do not live long
  • They also don’t have a nucleus
  • They contain pigment hemoglobin that carries oxygen

White Blood Cells

  • have a nucleus
  • They can move around easily
  • They clean up the body

Phagocytes and platelets

  • Digestive bacteria
  • Destroy pathogens
  • Small cells
  • Red bone Marrow
  • Blood clotting

Before this presentation, the only thing I knew was that blood was made in the bone marrow. Now I know a lot more, for example: Plasma, White cells, Red cells, Phagocytes and platelets, etcetera.

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