The Start of the Cold War: Looking back on my work

The flipgrid activity helped me a lot. Not only because I did research on the topic my flipgrid was about but because I could then look at other peoples’ flipgrids too!

The videos also helped me learn because they had plenty of information in them.

The Jamboard was also really helpful since I could see other peoples’ ideas on a certain topic.

I think that i could have done a better job on the Multiple Intelligences assignment. My pair for the assignment and I weren’t working affectively and we could have managed our time a lot better.

Evaluate your performance from 1 to 10 in the light of the following:

  1. Your attendance to class, your participation both individually and also in group work.
  2. The quality of the material you presented as well as that of your individual class and group contributions. 
  1. I think that on a scale from 1-10 I would be a 6.5.
  2. I think that I would be a 6.5 too.


I think that I could improve my attendance and not procrastinate as much to improve my work in class.


I chose the song “Bella Ciao” because it really expresses the power resistance.


I really liked the museum. It really shocked me how much people suffered. The thing that I saw that shocked me the most was the toy that was a rat with the Swastica symbol on the back so that kids related Jews with rats.